ILAVANI by Kaelan Rhywiol — Cover Reveal!

Today is #CoverReveal day for ILAVANI, the first book in a new science fantasy series.

Here’s the cover! Also check below for info. on the book, the author, and how to preorder!



The first installment in a long-running, science fantasy series based in a queer, pagan, polyamorous, universe.

3800 years in the future.

Maëlcolm is a skilled BDSM trainer, a spy, and unfortunately, a prince.

Cameron is Maël’s older brother, titular heir to their father’s kingdom and in love with his enby bodyguard, Li.

Kat is a slave. A genetically modified being created for one purpose, and one alone. To please her masters in bed.

Los is a gifted Companion, the only thing that makes him happier than practicing his calling is loving Maël, the one man Los can’t have an official relationship with.

If Maël doesn’t give up his calling and do as the Ard Righ demands, his family loses everything.

If Cam doesn’t do what he needs to do to become worthy of the throne by the Ard Righ’s stringent standards, their family may be executed.

If Kat, autistic, touch-averse, and afraid, chooses to fight her fate, she’ll die.

When an artificial intelligence named ‘the high king’ is at the helm, the cost to human hearts may be impossible to bear.

Amazon Preorder Digital $1.51
Amazon Preorder — click here!
ASIN: B071FWRR29 EBook

Amazon Preorder Print $6.00
Amazon Preorder PRINT — click here
ISBN: 9781521431429 Print
Epub available directly from the author for $1.00 US emailed to paypal/skrill
About the Author:

Kaelan was born and raised in upstate NY, in the Adirondack mountains.

Xie started writing when xie turned 11 and hasn’t ever stopped as evidenced by the massive amount of notebooks and digital files of xyr writing xie has hanging around. (We just moved, so trust me, it was a shock to see how much of it there really is.)

Kaelan holds a B.A in bioanthropology/forensic chemistry and an MST in education/world history. Xie loved University, so holds minors in English, Creative Writing, Linguistics, Graphic Design, and Modern Dance.

Xyr hobbies include reading, spinning wool with a spinning wheel, cooking, knitting, sewing and making jewelry.

Xie currently lives in Southern Ontario, Canada with xyr husband of 19 years, their two kids, a foot fetishist of a cat, two crazy kittens, and a grumpy chinchilla.

The best place to connect with Kaelan is on twitter, where xie spends way too much time.

Where can you connect with Kaelan:
Amazon Author page:



2017 To Be the “Year of Books”!

I have finally worked out a publication schedule for next year, which will see several of my books being released via either White Tulip Press or Snowy Wings Publishing.

The schedule right now (click on book titles for more info. on each book):


Science Fiction, will be published via White Tulip Press on March 8, 2017.


Fantasy, will be published via Snowy Wings Publishing in April or May of 2017 (exact date TBD).  (This book was originally published in 2014, but this is a new edition with a brand new cover, new formatting, and some revisions).


Science Fiction,  will be published via White Tulip Press in June or July of 2017 (exact date TBD).


Fantasy, will be published via Snowy Wings Publishing in August or September of 2017 (exact date TBD).


What’s Going On

So, what in the world am I up to these days?

Why, quite a bit, as it turns out.

For starters, I am working toward releasing my adult scifi trilogy, THE OTHERS, in late 2016 and in 2017.  (Written under my penname, V. E. Lemp).  This is a trilogy of books: THE LIGHT FROM OTHER SUNS, THE DARK OF OTHER SKIES, and THE ECHO OF OTHER EARTHS. You can read more about these books here: THE OTHERS

Press Logo finalI am venturing into self-publishing for these books, which is daunting. But I have assembled a fabulous team of people to aid me in this venture — editor, Annie Cosby; illustrator, Anne Drury; Cover Designer/Interior Formatter, VBartles Design; and publicist Rowe Copeland.  So I am definitely NOT doing this alone!  I have even established my own self-pub imprint, White Tulip Press, which you can read more about here: WHITE TULIP PRESS

I plan to release the first book, THE LIGHT FROM OTHER SUNS, this November!

In keeping with my new status as a “hybrid” author, my wonderful agent has begun submitting my YA Fantasy, SCEPTER OF FIRE, to publishers, and we hope to find a new home for it (and the the other related books) soon.  Read more about this series here: SCEPTER OF FIRE

On the writing front, I have two manuscripts to work on — two quite different ones, as it turns out. There is THE DIAMOND THIMBLE, which is well underway (I am already 1/3 of the way through a first draft on this one). This is a YA Fantasy about a young costume designer and a traveling theatre troupe. You can read more about it here:  THE DIAMOND THIMBLE

The other manuscript is something completely different — a cozy mystery featuring a librarian protagonist.  I’ve just started working on this one, although it is completely outlined. The working title is CATALOG OF DEATH.

So, despite the changes in my author life, I am still very much engaged in writing and publishing!  Stay tuned for more news as it happens, and thanks for your interest and support.



DAYBREAK RISING by Kiran Oliver — Cover Reveal!

On September 21, 2016, the F/F fantasy DAYBREAK RISING will be arriving to an e-readers near you from Torquere Press! Today, we get a first look at the amazing cover, designed by the amazing artist Kris Norris over at Torquere.
Here’s a bit about DAYBREAK RISING:

22-year-old Celosia Brennan spent sixteen years being raised as the heroine her nation needed. A dual-touched Elementalist with both the power to conjure fire and see glimpses of her future, Celosia was the best hope at overthrowing the oppressive Council in a mission called Daybreak, an attempt to secure justice for the massacre of her people and so many others. There’s just one problem: she couldn’t. Celosia broke down after realizing the enormity of her task, and is struggling to make things right while the blood of her fellows stains her hands.

Now branded a failure, Celosia desperately volunteers for the next mission: taking down the corrupt Council with a team of her fellow elementally-gifted mages. Leading the Ember Operative gives Celosia her last hope at redemption. They seek to overthrow the Council once and for all, this time bringing the fight to Valeria, the largest city under the Council’s iron grip. But Celosia’s new teammates don’t trust her—all except for a powerful ice Elementalist named Ianthe who believes in second chances.

With Council spies, uncontrolled magic, and the distraction of unexpected love, Celosia will have to win the trust of her teammates and push her abilities to the breaking point to complete the Ember Operative. Except if she falters this time, there won’t be any Elementalists left to stop the Council from taking over not only her country, but their entire world.


So here it is…The moment we’ve been waiting for…



You can add DAYBREAK RISING to your GoodReads TBR shelf today, and pre-orders should be live from Torquere soon! Be sure to sign up to Torquere Press’s newsletter to be the first to know when DAYBREAK RISING is available for pre-order.

About the author:

Kiran Oliver is a Southern New Hampshire University graduate having majored in Communication with a PR focus. He currently attends Free Code Camp in the hope of earning a certificate in Full Stack Web Development while working as a freelance technology journalist. When he’s not writing for work, he’s creating novels such as DAYBREAK RISING for fun. When not daydreaming about lesbian pirates, queer lady paladins, or dragons, Kiran can be found at the gym or playing MMOs. He resides in New Zealand with his wife Elizabeth, their cat, Ember, and soon to be a puppy named Zephyr. Find Kiran on social media: Twitter – @coliver_writes GoodReads – Facebook –