Excerpts from reviews of CROWN OF ICE:

“Crown of Ice was a masterful re-telling of it and had a dash of Angela Carter in its prose. Wonderfully manipulated by the author into a YA book and was enjoyable as an adult too.” — Nicky Peacock’s Blog


Crown of Ice is a luscious and fantastical retelling of the Snow Queen.. . All in all, I rather enjoyed myself with this one. Crown of Ice, is a clever and solid enchanting adventure filled with magic, love, friendship and self-discovery that was perfectly paced and wonderfully written and I look forward to reading what Weavil has in store next! A fun escape!” — Winterhaven Books Blog


Crown of Ice is a mesmerizing reimagining of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale, “The Snow Queen.” …  I easily slipped into the world that the author created and felt as if I was beside Thyra during the whole story, experiencing everything that she did. Each character was very well rounded – especially Thyra and Kai… I fell in love with this book from the very beginning and I ended up devouring it in one sitting. Very highly recommended for fans of fantasy and fairy tale retellings. Don’t miss out on this one! — A Dream Within a Dream Blog


“I thought that this book kept me guessing and gave me a lot of surprises in ways that I never thought that I would. Really like that this book took a lot of daring risks. This is definitely a book that I would read again.” — Grace Books of Love Blog


“This book was fantastic, and so different from anything that I have ever read. I loved every single page of this book, and I very much look forward to whatever comes next from this amazing author! … I don’t want to give away any more of the story, but I will say this…. READ THIS BOOK! It is a fast-paced, adventurous story. There are talking animals, Luki the wolf who plays a huge part of the story. Childhood love, unrequited. An evil, nasty mage who has no qualms about harming anything that stands in his way, and does his best to prove that goodness always ends up losing. And a melting Snow Queen who has to decide in the end what matters most in the world.  A romance that doesn’t start out that way. I had a blast reading this book, and I hope that y’all will give it a chance, too!” — The Best Books Ever Blog


Crown of Ice was great young adult fantasy novel. It offers an interesting and refreshing retelling of Snow Queen fairytale,  but also so much more – realistic, confident and a bit bad heroine, magic, cute animals, subtle romance, … I warmly recommend it to all ya fantasy fans.” — Bookworm Dreams Blog


Excerpts from Reviews of FACSIMILE:

“Not only did I love FACSIMILE for its unbelievably creative settings and plot lines, but I also became strongly attached to all of the characters. Weavil truly built a new universe full of love, conflict and deep personal connectivity. After turning the last page of the novel (metaphorically since I read it as an e-book) I felt a sort of sadness — the kind of sadness you get when you have to leave your high school friends behind before going to college. I only hope that Weavil will write a sequel soon since I can’t wait to be reunited with Ann, Dace and the rest of the FACSIMILE family. FACSIMILE is truly a book for dreamers. It is a book for people who are ready to look beyond the confines of earth and towards bigger and better things. Happy reading!” — Blog (reviewed by Aliza M., Teen Board Member)


“Which leads me on to one of two big wins for this book: positive feminist messages. Unlike in other books, where 17-year-olds are looking for their happily ever afters and soulmates, Facsimile showed teenagers as teenagers. Ann and Emie (her bestie) did not slut-shame each other or force each other to choose a guy. They had each other’s backs and wanted the best for each other. Plus, they stood up for and loved themselves! WOO! And let’s not forget that Emie is apprenticing to be the local IT girl. High five to all my techie ladies!!! …

The other win is Diversity! Ann’s paternal grandparents were originally from South America, and she speaks Spanish with them and her father. Raid was of Mongolian descent, while Dace was born in Mumbai to an Indian mother and an absent caucasian father. And everyone was beautiful! YAY! Happy dance time… Overall, Facsimile was an engaging YA sci-fi with a hint of realistic romance, and I recommend it to anyone looking for diverse characters and positive messages about women and sexuality. — Dani Reviews Things Blog


“Now how should I put my feelings about this book into an informative and honest review? Well, for starters this book was freaking phenomenal! I could not put this book down for the life of me. AND! I could not stop swooning at this gorgeous book cover! This book encompassed everything my Bookish Self needed. It had the perfect amount of Science Fiction, Otherworldly, Space Adventure, kickass fun perfectly woven throughout it. And let’s just say that the Main Character was on point! Ann was totally someone who was just the right amount of relatable and badass to make me root for her the whole book. The descriptiveness of the author (Vicki L Weavil) was wonderful and kept me whole-heartedly engaged into the story. The writing flowed very smoothly and was very easy to read and in so very quick to enjoy. I just wanted to jump into this book and live in it! When’s book two coming out?! I need it now please!” — Robin the Mockingjay Lives!  (GR review)


“Overall, if you like YA sci-fi, or are willing to give it a try, I definitely recommend this book from Vicki Weavil. Her writing style is engaging and accessible, and she engages with issues that we are currently grappling with in our society today (eg, what does it mean to be “human”?). I loved this book and highly recommend it!” —  Holly B. (Amazon review)