Night Lights

Night Lights



Stars blossomField of Stars

In the rich loam

Of a deepening sky.

You lift your face

To the heavens.

Lower your eyes.

In a dew-tipped meadow

Fireflies dance

Like those suns above.

I will not speak

In the void

And vastness

Of space.

But in the leaf

And hummingbird.




Stars have fallen

Into the pond—they tumbledStars in Pond 2

From heaven, wind-blown

Pinwheels, colored paper pinwheels,

Shooting sparks

They hit the water, and the water

Steamed up, to draw them down,

Reached up as they fell

To gather them in.

Now there are stars

In the water, and they burn,

But lightly, through the mist, a soft glow spreads

Over the pond, a coverlet, all silver threads and lace,

Pulled up to every shore.

There are stars in the water

And I follow their dance

While the wind stirs the water,

While the wind caresses my cheek,

And rocks the world.