Boo-k Trick or Treat Blog Hop — Win GREAT TREATS!

halloween-blog-hop-2016Tricks can be fun, be TREATS are way better. And this contest gives you a chance to win a ton of treats in the form of signed books, ebooks, candy, book swag and more from 13 authors!! We know…it’s kind of SPOOK-TACULAR!

So how do you snag the loot? It’s simple, and you don’t even have to dress up and walk in the cold door to door to get the goodies.

Visit each of the THIRTEEN participating author websites. You will find the name of the candy/treat they are giving away, as well as what BOOK they are offering as part of the PRIZE PACK!  Be sure to write down the name of the treat, you’ll need it later.

Each author will provide a link to another author website on the hunt. (We are making it nice and easy so you don’t get lost in the dark) =)  MINE IS PAT ESDEN!

Have fun reading all about the books each author is giving away in the prize pack, plus any other tricks and treats the authors may have in store for you.

When you have collected the names of all 13 author “TREATS”, head on over to complete the Trick or Treat Hunt Page Google Forms doc and enter the correct treat next to the corresponding author name.

You can enter for BONUS chances to win via the Rafflecopter found on each author’s website, by doing things like following them on Twitter or following their Goodreads page, or tweeting about the Hunt!
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A creepy-awesome black canvas tote bag with a cool skull filled with each of the books noted below as well as bookmarks and other great book swag. You will also win all of the treats that the author’s list on their pages PLUS a bunch of other candy treats all in a black plastic cauldron. You’ll even get the cute little plastic skulls shown in the prize photo.


Amy McNulty – Nobodys Goddess (advanced paperback)
Kiran Oliver – DAYBREAK RISING (ebook)
Dorothy Dryer – SCARE ME TO SLEEP (Kindle ebook)
Jodie Andrefski – THE SOCIETY (signed paperback)
Julia Ember – UNICORN TRACKS (paperback)
Julie Reece – THE ARTISANS (signed paperback)
Nina Rossing – FJORD BLUE (signed paperback)
Pat Edsen – BEYOND YOUR TOUCH (signed paperback)
Pintip Dunn – FORGET TOMORROW (signed paperback)
S.A.Larsen – MOTLEY EDUCATION (signed paperback)
Suzanne van Rooyen – OBSCURA BURNING (Releases 11/10 ebook)
Vanessa Barneveld – THIS IS YOUR AFTERLIFE (Kindle eBook)
Vicki Weavil – FACSIMILE (signed paperback)

The contest runs from Friday October 28th, 2016 through Midnight, October 31st, 2016 (EST)
Winner will be announced November 1st.
Contest is US only. Thank you for your understanding.

facsimile-ebook-finalVICKI L. WEAVIL’s BLOG HOP INFO. BELOW!!

Here’s a brief excerpt from the book I am giving away — my YA Scifi, FACSIMILE.
Look for my TREAT WORDS — a candy that replaces another word in the excerpt!

He dives too quickly to be hit. Following him under the wall that separates the two caverns, I wait until we clear the wall before I make a grab for one of his fluttering feet.

He rolls as my fingers close over his ankle. Swinging his body upward, he shakes off my grip and leans in to place his hands about my waist. Entwined, we both kick and shoot upward, breaking the surface.

“Let go!” I fling my head, whipping my ponytail into Dace’s face.

He sputters and throws up one hand to brush the wet strands away. The other hand is locked firmly to my waist. “Your attempt to capture me failed. Now I’ve got you. Admit defeat.”

“Never.” I use one hand to slap a tiny tsunami of water into his face.

Dace shakes his head before leaning in to press his forehead against mine. “Not so fast, fish girl.”

His eyes are fixed on me. Inches from my face, and mesmerizing as the heart of an unfolding flower. Layers upon layers.

I tuck my chin to my chest. “I told you not to call me that, science geek.”

“But I like GOURMET CHOCOLATE BARS. They are infinitely interesting.” Dace’s full lips slide down my damp cheek and land on my mouth.

The lake lapping against my skin, feet fluttering, one hand circling, and the feel of Dace’s lips on mine as we bob in the silky water.

Dace pulls away first. “Didn’t plan that.”

“You’re not supposed to.” I tap his nose with one finger. “Lesson number two in my kissing girls course, free of charge.”

Once you find MY word, you can write it down. Collect all 13 and enter the contest (LINK). THEN, check out the next author on the list, the wonderful and talented Pat Esden! Her info is here: Pat Esden.